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Y6 Pupil Diary Entry - St Clement's CofE Primary School

Dear Diary,


Today was crazy! We had a science day, which I always look forward to as they're so much fun. 


Firstly, we got given the title 'Ice, Ice baby' and we had to compile ideas about the day. I was surprised at the variety of ideas, as they were completely different. To be honest, I never knew you could get so many ideas from one phrase! After some discussion, we agreed we would work out which insulator was the most effective. We all had an ice cube with a Lego man placed inside. Our main objective was to test which insulator would prevent the ice cube from melting: tin foil, bubble wrap, cloth, paper towels and newspaper.


After our predictions, we weighed our ice cubes and wrapped them in the insulator. Every five minutes we reweighed the ice cube until we had done it for 30 minutes. It turns out that bubble wrap was the best insulator and Mrs Stevenson explained why. 


"It's a bit like double glazed windows - the air bubbles in bubble wrap are a bit like the air in between the two panes of glass. Therefore, it doesn't let the air escape."


Science days are always fun as we do great experiments and we never know what the answer is going to be.