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Remote Learning at Cranham Primary School

The recent closure of a bubble at Cranham Primary School meant that Year 5 pupils had to make the transition to remote learning overnight. Although this could have been a difficult time, our wonderful pupils and their supportive families made this changeover incredibly smooth and an overall positive experience.


Each morning, pupils were able to sign into a live video chat with their teachers and support staff using Microsoft Teams. This allowed pupils to find out what activities they were going to be set for the day and to ask any questions. There was then a second live meeting in the afternoon where pupils could share their work with others, discuss any difficulties and reflect on their learning for the day.


All tasks were set and completed on the online learning platform, Seesaw. This was a superb tool that enriched the pupil's remote learning experience in a variety of ways. As well as being able to type, write or voice record over worksheets, children were able to upload photographs and videos of their work. Teachers were also able to give verbal or written feedback throughout the day and provide support in a variety of ways.


The effort and adaptability of our pupils has been nothing short of outstanding and they are a credit to our school, our academy and their families.