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Working Scientifically at St Clement's CofE Primary School

The pupils at St Clement’s have worked really hard on developing their ‘working scientifically’ skills in science, whilst also linking it to their current topic. 


An example of this is in Year 5, where pupils are learning about World War 1 in history.  In order to link this topic, they developed an experiment to answer the question, “Does a larger air raid shelter withstand more of an enemy attack?”. The pupils took the question and designed a fair test by replicating air raid shelters (or in this case, cardboard boxes) in a variety of sizes. They then dropped increasing weights until their air raid shelter collapsed and recorded the results. There was a direct correlation between the size of the shelter and the weight it could withstand and the experiment disproved all of our predictions. We all had fantastic fun though! 


Not only did the pupils practise their ‘working scientifically’ skills, but they managed to refresh their maths by converting grams into kilograms and tabulating the results on a bar chart.