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Science Day at Northwick Manor Primary School

On Monday 23rd September we held our MAT Science Day with the theme ‘Ice, Ice, Baby!’


Year 1 children labelled the parts of a penguin and thought about how penguins keep warm in the Antarctic.  They also packed a suitcase for a person who wanted to visit penguins in Antarctica.


Year 2 pupils were challenged to keep their ice trolls cold so that they did not melt.


Year 3 and 6 children watched ‘Teachers in the Freezer’ where a group of teachers visited Antarctica to carry out some research. Year 3 children considered the snacks that the teachers should eat as well as what they should pack in their suitcases to keep warm. After watching the video clip, Year 6 were challenged to design a tent to withstand the harsh cold and windy conditions in the Antarctic as well as a suitable means of transport over the ice.