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Rivers MAT Science Day - 'Ice, Ice Baby'

On Monday 23rd November, all schools within our Rivers family took part in our MAT Science day. These days take place 3 times a year and are designed to provide children freedom with their working scientifically skills across the day.


The theme this term was “Ice, Ice Baby” and each school developed a wide range of activities to explore the theme. It was an excellent opportunity for children to design their own experiments, create fair tests and report on their findings. They had a ball!


Lots of schools took the opportunity to explore insulation and designed a test to see which material would keep their ice cube the coolest. They then used their findings to help design tents for Antarctica, capes for Little Red Riding Hood and clothes for their characters.


In other classes, children explored the melting rates of ice cubes in different locations around the school and tabulated their findings in bar charts and line graphs, developing their maths skills further.


Finally, some schools explored the effects of salt on ice and went ice fishing! They were then able to relate this to the scientific reasoning behind roads being salted in the winter.


The teachers and children love taking part in science days and it continues to promote their love of science and aspirations to develop science in the wider world, as well as their careers for the future.


We were so proud by their enthusiasm and look forward to the next one in the spring!