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'Ice, Ice Baby' event at Great Witley CofE Primary School

The pupils really enjoyed being scientists during our 'Ice, Ice Baby' MAT event on Monday 23rd November. Pupils across every year group developed their skills working scientifically, including making predictions, explaining their ideas, making accurate observations over time, drawing conclusions and evaluating their experiments.

Key Stage 2 children were investigating the effect of different materials on the speed at which ice melts - many children were surprised by their results, which did not match their predictions. Lots of new learning happened when they then went on to discuss why their results had turned out that way - it turns out that a woolly coat will not make a snowman melt faster! In fact, quite the opposite, because it is an insulating material. Meanwhile, EYFS and KS1 were investigating the effect of different temperatures on the speed at which ice melts by doing a spot of ice fishing, attempting to free little fish from their blocks of ice.