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Celebrations at St Clement's Pre-School

We are hurtling towards the end of term and pre-school children have recently had a great time learning about Diwali, the Hindu celebration of the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Their activities included colourful mark-making and painting, creating pictures by “pinch flicking” glitter and sharing stories from other cultures.


The children then moved into celebrating Nursery Rhyme Week and painting pictures of their favourite nursery rhyme characters. After a quick parents’ poll, it became apparent that the children knew nursery rhymes that some of the staff (the older ones!) weren’t familiar with, so there was some role reversal as children started teaching the staff! One child even recited a Polish rhyme! It is amazing to watch how the confidence of these young children is growing.


Then, with a flick of the Christmas fairy’s wand, the children started preparing for their 2020 online Christmas recital, which I am sure will be magical.


Merry Christmas from everyone at St Clement's Pre-School.