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'Back to School' - Rivers Art Competition

The Rivers CofE Academy Trust have launched an exciting art competition entitled: Back to School.


This is open to all pupils across the Rivers family and children are invited to take part in creating a small picture that will be displayed as a permanent piece of art in a Rivers school.


Competition Rules:

  • Draw/paint/collage a colourful picture on a 10cm x 10cm square with a ‘Back to school theme.
  • This could include: 
    • your friends
    • the playground
    • your favourite subjects
    • your favourite place in school
    • some amazing learning
    • a combination of the above or something else of your choice
  • Make it colourful and bold


What will happen to my square?

The best 10 squares will be chosen and made into a very large wooden display. It will then be put on permanent view in a Rivers school. The pictures will be made much bigger than your drawings by creating an exact replica of your drawings. They may be drawn and painted on different shapes to squares!


Once completed, send or give your picture to your school by Monday 6th July and remember to include your name, year group and school


We look forward to seeing your fabulous entries - Good Luck!